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Booking odds and insider tips you might not know

Booking odds involve betting on the total number of cards shown in a match. There are various betting options to choose from, offering high odds of winning. However, to increase your chances of success in betting, you need soccer tips prediction tomorrow strategies and experience. Let's dive into this article by Wintips to uncover some useful information.

Understanding the definition of booking odds

Booking odds, also known as Total Bookings in English, is a type of bet offered by bookmakers in football predicting the total number of cards, including yellow and red cards, shown in a match. This type of bet can be placed for either the first half or the entire match. People simply predict the number of cards in a match without considering the match's score.

Currently, more and more people enjoy participating in booking odds because it's easy to predict and can be based on factors such as the nature of the match, player personalities, head-to-head history, and starting lineups.

Popular booking odds betting types nowadays

Once you understand the definition of booking odds, information about various betting types becomes essential. Betting options are divided into several types, including:

Asian Handicap Booking Odds

This type of bet follows the Asian Handicap model, with both upper and lower teams according to the nature of Asian Handicap. Players bet on comparing the number of cards throughout the match between two teams. This type will announce the result in the final moments of the match. Asian Handicap booking odds can be placed for either the first half or the entire match, as follows:

Handicap betting on yellow and red cards.

The bookmaker provides handicap odds, updates information on the odds table, which may change depending on the football league situation.

All bookings are valid when the referee issues them during the match.

The betting symbol for the entire match is FT, and for the first half, it's HT, where a red card is equivalent to 2 points and a yellow card is equivalent to 1 point.

Booking Odds Over/Under Betting

As this bet is quite straightforward, the bookmaker predicts the number of cards for both teams. The player's task is to predict whether the actual number of cards will be more or less than the bookmaker's benchmark, with two options:

Bet on Over: If the player predicts that the actual number of cards will be higher than the bookmaker's benchmark.

Bet on Under: If the player predicts that the actual number of cards will be lower than the bookmaker's benchmark.

Players can bet for either the first half or the entire match, and once the result is available, the bookmaker will reward the winner. Booking odds over/under betting is both easy to predict and has a high winning potential, making it a popular choice among bettors.

Odd/Even Booking Odds

When participating in booking odds betting, one should not overlook this odd/even betting type. True to its name, people only need to predict whether the number of cards shown in the match will be odd or even in the first half or the entire match. This form is straightforward, with a high betting win rate, and is favored by many players.

First and Last Booking Odds Betting

With this form, people can bet on which team will receive the first or last card in the match. People do not need to predict the number of cards, so less analysis is required. This form is suitable for players who do not have much time to spare but want to try their luck.

Betting on Yellow Card Odds

As the name suggests, people only need to predict the total number of yellow cards shown in the match. It's essential to note that a red card drawn will not be converted into two yellow cards, and this bet only counts accurately, so players need to predict the specific number of cards the referee will draw in the match.

Betting on Red Card Odds

Players' task is to predict the total number of red cards that will appear in the match. Note that two yellow cards drawn will not be converted into a red card. With the diversity of this type, players will have more suitable betting options.

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Effective Strategies for Playing Penalty Betting

To engage in sports betting in general and penalty betting in particular, winning requires both experience and specific strategies. Below are some valuable strategies that you shouldn't overlook:

Gather Detailed and Specific Match Information:Surrounding each match are numerous crucial pieces of information that bettors need to know. These factors aid in predicting and placing more accurate penalty bets.

Study the Playing Styles of Both Teams:Playing style plays a significant role in the likelihood of receiving penalties. Teams with strong counter-attacks may lead to more foul situations and subsequent penalties.

Consider the Playing Styles of Individual Players:The playing style of individual players also influences their likelihood of receiving penalties. Players with a history of aggressive play or previous fouls are more prone to receiving penalties.

Evaluate the Nature of the Match:Matches with historical rivalries often have a higher likelihood of penalties. Important matches can also create pressure and lead to more collision situations.

Learn about the Referee Officiating the Match:In football, referees have the authority to issue penalties. Before placing penalty bets, it's essential to research information related to the referee. You should consider whether the referee tends to be strict, has biases towards certain teams, or prefers a particular style of play.

Know How to Calculate Proper Betting Amounts:Before placing penalty bets, individuals need to determine how much they should wager and what percentage of winning odds they have. Additionally, they can gradually increase their bets to ensure the safety of their capital. Winning can result in substantial gains, allowing individuals to know when to stop instead of placing all their bets at once.

Maintain a Calm and Rational Mindset:In sports betting, maintaining a calm mindset significantly influences the outcome. Avoid letting emotions affect your decisions and refrain from following the crowd or being biased towards your favorite team.


This article has provided readers with information betting tips 1x2 app revolving around penalty betting and strategies for achieving high effectiveness in sports betting. It is hoped that individuals will make informed decisions during the betting process and reap the highest rewards possible.


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